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December 2016
Volume 70, Issue 5


About the December Meeting

December 12, 2016

7:00 p.m.

University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98105


Holiday Potluck and Orchid Awards

Happy Holidays!  It's once again time to put our growing skills to the test.  Please join your fellow NWOS members in our friendly annual competition.  We have two trophies to award, the Schoenfeld Trophy as well as the Rebecca T. Northen Miniature Orchid Trophy. Everyone is encouraged to participate in winning one or both of these trophies.  All you have to do is bring in a blooming plant for each.  Let's make this a strong, lively competition.  Bring your blooms whether you think they'll win or not.  After all, we LOVE to see lots of orchids.


Schoenfeld Trophy

Rebecca Northen Trophy


The Schoenfeld Trophy is awarded to the best blooming plant of any size.


The Rebecca T. Northen Miniature Orchid Trophy is awarded to the best blooming plant that is 6 inches or less in height, excluding the bloom spike.


Everyone at the Holiday Party will cast a vote for each trophy. The winner will keep the trophy until the December 2017 potluck.


This year at our annual Holiday Potluck Party we will continue our annual tradition of gift plants: each single or dual membership will receive one free plant as a gift from the society.  These are quality plants purchased specially for this event. Each membership who's dues were paid by Nov. 14 will be able to select a plant that is suitable to their growing conditions and you must attend in order to receive your plant.


To kick off the festivities the society will provide beef or a spiral cut ham and a turkey breast along with the plates, utensils, etc.  We are asking everyone to bring additional food: a main dish, salad, drinks or dessert to share for our Potluck Party. For reference and to help decide what delicious food to bring, you could use the handy list.  If your name starts with:


A - I =  bring a main dish

J - R =  bring a dessert or drinks

S - Z = bring a salad or vegetable

Consider this a guideline only, if you have a dish you are known for, or just want to share with others, please bring that instead.


Display Table: 

No display table this month, but bring in your best plants to compete for one or both trophies.


Sales Table:
Members may bring up to 10 plants to sell.  Include an extra tag with your name and the price in the plant. 



No raffle this month.

NWOS Library: 

If you'd like to check out a book or tape from our Library, please contact our Librarian Jake Burroughs a minimum of 2 weeks before the next meeting.  For a list of library items Click HERE or click on the link at the top of this page.

History of the Schoenfeld Trophy


During the NWOS's early years, the annual meeting was a dressy dinner affair at the Rainier Club in Seattle.  The plant table was omitted at this meeting, possibly because there was no suitable space or because it was too difficult to park nearby.  Then someone decided in 1963 that holding an orchid society meeting without orchids didn't make sense, so everyone was asked to bring their best plant in bloom to decorate the dining table.  As an incentive, the team that normally judged the plant table was to pick a "best of show", and Society President Leonard Searle provided a division of one of his plants as a prize.  The winner was Mrs. J. F. Lehmann.

The following year, Herb Schoenfeld, a member of the society noted for growing specimen-sized plants, donated a 10" Oneida Silver Bowl as a perpetual trophy for the "Most Desirable Plant"  at the annual dinner meeting.  His suggestion that selection be by a vote of those attending rather than the judging team was accepted.  The first Schoenfeld Trophy winner was Wayne Miller with his Cattleya Tethys 'Martha Gorny'.


In 1969, according to the newsletter, "a Brassia with large showy blooms, (was declared) the winner (of the Schoenfeld Trophy).  We believe Mr. Maurice E. Powers, of the Olympia Orchid Society, to be the owner of the fine plant:"  Apparently he was not, because no one was able to determine where the trophy was the following year.  Herb Schoenfeld graciously provided a replacement.


In the early years of the trophy, the members most often selected a showy hybrid from the Cattleya family as the most desirable plant.  In the mid-1970's, Cattleya domination ended, with Gary Baker taking the trophy for Beall's Orchids with Odontoglossum schlieperianum var. Pachoi 'Pride of Vashon' in 1973 and Miltonia Cindy Kane 'Andrea' in 1974.  Since then, as orchid growers' interests have broadened, the winning plant has come from a variety of genera, and well-grown species plants have often been selected in preference to showier hybrids.  This was the case with the current (1995) Schoenfeld Trophy plant - Mike Foster and Donna Pierce's Paphiopedilum insigne var. sanderae.


Reprinted from the NWOS News, December 1995 by

Lee Kolb, Past Treasurer and Newsletter Editor

Report from our Fall Show and Sale

Our gorgeous display won the prestigious AOS Show Trophy.
Photo copyright 2016 Mike Pearson

The 2016 annual AOS orchid show at Swansons Nursery is now history.  With more exhibits and vendors than last year, and good crowds on both days, it was a good success.  We also met and exceeded the budgeted amount for this show.


Special thanks to the many of you who came out to volunteer in various capacities.  Of particular importance were the greeters (a new position this year) who met the visitors as they entered the show, giving out information and accepting donations.  But equally important were the set-up and take down crews, the cashiers, ribbon judges, speakers, and everyone else it takes to put on a successful show.


Other thanks go to Swansons Nursery, for again hosting us at no cost, as well as the visiting orchid societies and AOS judges.  Orchid societies of Spokane, South Central Washington, and Mt. Baker joined us in this show.  In addition, thanks to the vendors, including Lucky Girl, Seattle Orchid, Emerald City Orchids, Growing Grace Orchids, Olympic Orchids and Words Reflected.  And last but not least, thanks to the other members of the show committee.  Well done.


We continue our efforts at marketing the show in various places, both print and electronic, and that is starting to bear fruit in increased visitors and potential new members.  Thanks again, and see you next year. 

Harvey Brenneise, Show Chair


Besides the AOS Display award above, there were 2 other AOS awards:

Masdevallia wurdackii 'Lucky Girl', CCM/AOS 86 pts, grown by Lucky Girl Orchids
Photos Copyright 2016 - Mike Pearson

Acianthera binotii 'Lucky Girl', CHM/AOS 83 pts.
Grown by
Lucky Girl Orchid

This Certificate of Horticultural Merit is provisional (pending) until the species is properly identified by the American Orchid Society‚Äôs Species Identification Task Force (SITF).  Photos Copyright 2016 - Mike Pearson

Show Trophy Winners


At our show, ribbons are awarded by our judges. Of all the First Place (blue) ribbons awarded, the "Best of" each plant category is determined and given a Trophy along with a cash prize of $25. The "Best of Show" is determined from all of the 1st Place ribbons and Trophies, and is awarded a growing cash pool prize.


The NWOS would like to acknowledge the following First Place winners and their Sponsors who have each donated $25 for these special Show Trophies.  Thank you all very much.


Photos courtesy Diane Drisch

Best Cattleya Alliance

Sponsor: Sheila and Michael Cory

Awarded to: Blc. Brassy Gold 'Camano Autumn' HCC/AOS

Grown by: George and Cylvia Grantham

Best Cypripedium (Slipper) Alliance

Sponsor: Mike and Donna Foster

Awarded to: Paphiopedilum malipoense

Grown by: Nick Spaulding

Best Vanda and Phalaenopsis Alliance

Sponsor: Al and Shelley Kaas

Awarded to: Phalaenopsis City Girl 'Madonna' HCC/AOS

Grown by: David Edgley, MBOS

Best Oncidium Alliance

Sponsor: Joff Morgan

Awarded to: Oncidium Sweet Sugar 'Hamana'

Grown by: Mo Veenstra, MBOS

Best Dendrobium Alliance

Sponsor: Peter and Kelly Maunsell

Awarded to: Dendrobium Andrea Millar

Grown by: Mike and Donna Foster

Best Pleurothallids and Bulbophyllums

Sponsor: Mike Pearson and Abigail Chang

Awarded to: Acianthera binotii 'Lucky Girl' CHM/AOS      (see add'l photos above)

Grown by: Lucky Girl Orchids

Best Miscellaneous Genera (including Cymbidiums)

Sponsor: Andy Wright

Awarded to: Dendrochilum magnum

Grown by: Alan and Michelle Kaas

Best First Bloom Seedling (no mericlones)

Sponsor: George and Cylvia Grantham

Awarded to: Paphiopedilum Chiu Hua Dancer

Grown by: Harvey Brenneise

Best Orchid Grown Indoors (on windowsill and/or under lights)

Sponsor: Diane Drisch

Awarded to: Cymbidium Nut 'Red Beauty'

Grown by: Chris Peterson

Best Orchid with Miniature Blossoms (maximum of 5 mm in the largest dimension of the flower)

Sponsor: Barb Roberts

Awarded to: Schoenorchis gemmata

Grown by: Andy Wright

Best of Show

Sponsors: Mike and Donna Foster, Scott Ware, Richard and Betty Lyons

Awarded to: Acianthera binotii 'Lucky Girl' CHM/AOS        (see add'l photos above)

Grown by: Lucky Girl Orchids

Dendrobium eriiflorum

Grown by: Seattle Orchid

Best New Orchid Grower (5 years or less)

Sponsor: Richard and Betty Lyons 

"In memory of Rebecca T. Northen, whose life work was to encourage others to grow orchids."


Membership Renewal Reminder


The NWOS fiscal year is July 1 through June 30 so unless you joined recently, it's time to renew.  Click HERE to pay by PayPal on our Membership page.  You can also pay at most meetings by cash, check, or debit/credit card.  You can mail (payable to NWOS) to PO Box 51021, Seattle, WA 98115-1021.  New members should complete the Membership Form.


Dues are $25 for one person or $30 for two people at the same address.  Members who joined at or after the Flower & Garden Show in February are paid through June 2017. Dues are kept low to encourage membership but they cover only a small portion of the society's expenses.


Please contact Mike Cory for questions about your dues.

Report from the November Meeting

Dr. Rob Halgren


Abigail Chang opened our meeting introducing new members and visitors.  George Grantham gave a report and thanks for help with other societies' shows.  Harvey Brenneise talked about our recent show and thanked all those that helped.  Joff Morgan announced a show meeting on Dec. 6th for the upcoming NWF&G show.  Our AOS representative, Mike Pearson, told us about a new benefit, the "Guide to a thriving Society".  Abigail reminded us about the AOS Judging Center's monthly gathering on Saturday.  Diane Drisch gave a report about retired member Lee Kolb who has compiled a history of the NWOS from about 1950 onward and asked if anyone had the older computer equipment that could read is document.  Peter Maunsell and Barb Roberts volunteered.  Mike Cory reminded us that he can take payments towards this year's dues.


After reviewing the plant table and a break, 1st Vice President Jake Burroughs introduced our speaker, Dr. Rob Halgren.  Ron started his enjoyable and informative program by discussing the light requirements needed by our plants.  He reviewed the plusses and minuses of the many different lighting types, incandescent, fluorescent and LED.  He brought samples of many available bulbs for us to see.  We were then given a practical demonstration of how we could grow under lights.  Ron took us on a journey from his old growing setup to showing us step-by-step how he created his current growing area.  He grows completely under lights.  This program was chock full of great ideas and information.


Our speaker Rob Halgren reviewed the plant table.                             Photos courtesy Diane Drisch.

Cool science stuff Ron shows the very latest in LED lights
Al's Stanhopea catches Ron's attention Ron tells us about Phrag. kovachii
Editor's Note:  The newsletter is still a work in progress.

I will continue to add to it over the next few days, so please check back. 
You'll know that it is finished when this box disappears.  Thanks for your patience.

Diane Drisch, NWOS newsletter editor


Schedule of Upcoming Events


Dec. 12, 2016 - NWOS meeting - Annual Christmas Potluck Dinner and Plant giveaway for each member who's dues were paid by Nov. 14.  We will also have two trophies to award:  The Schoenfeld Trophy as well as the Rebecca Northen Miniature Orchid Trophy.

Dec. 17, 2016 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

Jan. 9, 2017 - NWOS meeting - Speaker: Ron Burch, "Introduction to Growing Temperate Terrestrial Orchids in Your Garden"

Jan. 21, 2017 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

Feb. 13, 2017 - NWOS meeting - Speaker: Fred Clarke, "Culture of Catasetums"


Feb. 14, 2017 - Mt. Baker Orchid Society meeting - Speaker: Fred Clarke, "Australian Dendrobiums".   Fred's a great speaker.  Hear him discuss a new topic just one day after our meeting.  Details to follow.

Feb. 18, 2017 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

February 22 - 26 , 2017 - NW Flower and Garden Show

March 13, 2017 - NWOS meeting - Annual Orchid Auction

March 18, 2017 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

March 20, 2017 - Hands ON Potting Clinic - Meet in the Lower Douglas Classroom

April 10, 2017 - NWOS meeting - Culture Clinic, Speakers: Harvey Brenneise, Joff Morgan, and Andy Wright

April 15, 2017 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

May 8, 2017 - NWOS meeting - Speaker: Laima Swanson, "Genetic Traits Passed on in Progeny When Breeding"

May 20, 2017 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

June 12, 2017 - NWOS meeting - Annual Potluck Dinner and Gary Baker Service Award

June 17, 2017 - AOS Judging Center, monthly judging, 12:30 pm

Reminder for Officers & Board Members


The schedule of Board Meetings for this fiscal year is: 1/3/17, 3/7/17, 5/2/17.  Meet at 7 p.m. at Mike & Sheila Cory's house unless notified that it's been moved elsewhere.

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Special Announcements


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