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March 2018
Volume 71, Issue 8

From pretty to pretty wierd,
there's always some great
plants that come up for bid


About the March Meeting

March 12, 2018

Room opens at 6:00 p.m.
Preview Party starts at 6:30 p.m.

University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98105


Orchid Basics

This month's session will start 10 minutes early at 6:50 pm.  Mike Cory's topic will be “What to do with a new orchid”.  Learn how to safely introduce new plants into your collection, and how to care for them as they adjust to new conditions.  Questions welcomed.


Annual Orchid Auction and Preview Party

The Northwest Orchid Society's biggest orchid selling and buying event outside of our show, this is a chance to find some select plants, sometimes at a great price. And even if it's not dirt cheap, it goes to a good cause. This is also a chance for those with burgeoning collections to winnow out the surplus, earn a few bucks, and make room for new acquisitions. Consider selling plants that you've nurtured, but haven't been able to get to bloom.  You can then use the proceeds to buy something that may do better for you.

Bidding:  Register when you arrive and get a bidding number to use during the auction. Keep your paddle moving, and after the auction you will use the same number to pay for your winning bids. We can process VISA/Mastercard transactions along with cash and checks.

Selling:  Members may bring up to five plants to auction off, with the NWOS taking a 20% commission. There is no limit on the number of plants you may auction at a 100% donation to the Society.  If you want to bring more than five plants in the 80/20% category, put them on a separate sheet and they will be auctioned at the end, after all the other plants are gone.


Photos:  If you have digital photos of the flowers for the plants that your are selling, they could be projected on the screen behind the auctioneers.  Hopefully it will work and will help the bidders better visualize what the plant will look like.  Send the images to ShowRegistration@nwos.org


Registration:  To register your plants, please print the Auction Form by clicking on the picture.  Complete both the left and right sides, and bring it with you to the meeting and keep it with your plants. Make sure to mark the fund of your choice. 

There are five fund choices and you may choose any number of them:

• The Library Fund is used to purchase items for the NWOS Library.
• The UW Greenhouse Fund is used by the U.W. Botany Greenhouse to purchase Species Orchids.
• The Zoo Fund is used by the Woodland Park Zoo Greenhouse to purchase Orchids for display in exhibits.
• The Scholarship Fund provides a grant each year for a college student working on an Orchid related project.
• The General Fund covers everything else, from the programs to the everyday working of your society.

This Auction is the only source of funding for the Library, UW Greenhouse Fund, and Zoo funds. The Scholarship Program receives additional funding from the Raffles held at most meetings.


Preview Party:

We will again have our very popular wine and cheese preview party, hosted by Peter and Kelley Maunsell.  There will be refreshments, including a special selection of beverages. Non-members are welcome, but only members and their guests can be served alcoholic beverages.


The room will open at 6:00 pm so you can come early to organize your plants and help with setup.  The party will start at 6:30 pm, Orchid Basics starts at 6:50 pm.  A brief meeting followed by the auction will start promptly at 7:00 pm

NO Display Table, Sales Table or Raffle this month!


NWOS Library: 

If you'd like to check out a book or tape from our Library, please contact our Librarian Joe Grienauer a minimum of 2 weeks before the next meeting.  Besides email, you can give Joe your request at any meeting.  For a list of library items Click on the Library link at the top left of this page or click HERE.

Hands ON Orchid Potting Clinic March 19, 2018 - 7 p.m.


Bring up to three average sized orchids to our Annual Potting Clinic in the lower Douglas Classroom.  Admission is Free for NWOS members and $15 for non members, which can be applied towards becoming a member.

This clinic has always been popular.  Our most experienced members give expert advice on all aspects of re-potting your orchids:

•Determining whether and when your orchid needs to be repotted. This can vary by species and time of year.
•Diagnosing potting problems, such as root loss and decomposition of potting mixes, over-potting and under-potting.
•Choosing the right pot type and size.
•What's the best potting mix for your particular orchid.
•Can it be mounted?
•How your environment and watering habits can affect these choices.

Come with questions, get some answers. Bring up to three plants. Then add some hands-on experience, with guidance from our volunteer members. Potting media and some pots will be available on site.

It's a night of fun and learning, and your orchids will thank you.

Be sure to head to the Lower Douglas Classroom for this event (adjacent to the greenhouse and the large parking lot.)


We really get down and dirty at our clinic

Orchid Shows Past and Future

The Mt. Baker Orchid Society Show was held Feb. 17-18. The host society had an outstanding display featuring a number of gorgeous Phalaenopsis hybrids from David Edgley's collection in addition to a range of hybrids and species from other members. Sales were fairly strong and we were able to sell nearly all of the remaining sale plants from our Flower and Garden Show display.

NWOS display Mt. Baker Show 2018

I was a bit concerned about our ability to come up with a good selection of plants for the NWOS display since both our members and our plants were tired out from the Flower and Garden show just concluded the previous weekend. Fortunately we managed to round up about 45 plants from 6 members. We were a bit on the sparse side until Andy Wright showed up in Mt. Vernon with 9 fabulous species including a gigantic specimen plant of Pleuro. truncata which Cylvia wasted no time in installing as the centerpiece of our display. Our plants received 7 blue ribbons, 11 reds and 13 whites. Plants nominated by the AOS judges for consideration for award potential included Paph. Fairly Sauced from Mike Foster and Donna Pierce, Dendrochilum wenzelii (yellow form) and Bulbo. scabratum from Cylvia and me and the giant Pleuro. secundum from Andy Wright. The latter was also awarded President's choice, an honor which carried a cash award. Last and certainly not least, Andy's stunning and rare Bulbo. violaceolabellum was awarded an HCC/AOS. Congrats Andy and thanks very much to the above mentioned members, plus Erica Dyer, Thuan Nguyen and Diane Drisch for sending plants to the show.

Photos by George and Cylvia Grantham           

Paphiopedalum Fairly Sauced,
Mike Foster & Donna Pierce
AOS Nominated
Pleurothallis secundum, Andy Wright
AOS Nominated
Mt. Baker Orchid Society President's Choice Award
Dendrochillum wenzellii (yellow form),
George & Cylvia Grantham, AOS Nominated
Bulbophyllum violaceolabellum,
Andy Wright, AOS Awarded - HCC

The Spokane Orchid Society Show and Sale will be held April 7-8 at a new location, the Spokane Community College Student Lair. It will be a judged show and there will be five vendors. I will be collecting plants plants for the show on Thursday, April 5th, before the show. If you would like to help in any way with the show please contact me. This is a great time of year to visit Spokane and the Spokane Orchid Society always puts on a good show. Come for a day or a weekend. If your budget permits, stay in the wonderfully refurbished classic Davenport Hotel in the historic heart of the city and dine at Anthony's overlooking Spokane Falls.

The Oregon Orchid Society Show and Sale in Portland will be held at the usual venue, newly renamed the Acquinus Hall, April 21-22. I will be collecting plants the Thursday before (April 19) at my house or by special arrangement. The show will be AOS judged and the sale will include 7 or 8 outstanding vendors. Check the OOS website for additional information. If you can possibly get away that weekend I would highly recommend attending this outstanding show. If you go to Portland by train it will be the last chance to travel on the scenic route near Ft. Lewis. Acquinas Hall is just three blocks from the Convention Center Max Light Rail stop.

George Grantham, 2nd Vice President

2018 Northwest Orchid Society Research Awards


Each year the Nwos offers funding for student research projects related to orchids.  These awards (typically $1000 or less) are open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in certified institutions of higher education in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.


This year's deadline for receipt of proposals is April 23.  If you know of any students who could use some help with their research involving orchids, please forward this information to them.


We look forward to helping with the discovery of new information about the wonderful world of orchids.  Click HERE for the full document about NWOS Scholarships.


Kathy Murray, NWOS Scholarship Chair

Nominations for the Gary Baker Service Award


Now is the time to make your nominations for the Gary Baker Service Award. This award is given annually at the June Potluck to the person who has contributed the most to the overall goals of the society in the prior year. The recipient is selected by the board from nominations made by the general membership so they need to hear from you now.  Please fill out the Nomination form, and either bring it to the next meeting or send it to George Grantham (georgegrantham@hotmail.com).


Nomination form (MSWord) or (PDF)

Your Society Needs You!

The NWOS has a couple of open Board of Director positions.  The members who held these positions had to resign for personal reasons.  One of the open positions runs from now until December 31, 2018.  The other runs from now until December 31, 2019.

- Board position - The Member participates in the Board meetings (there are only 6 each year), helps with various committees, providing input and feedback where needed, and helps to guide the Society.

If you are interested in any of these positions, have further questions, and/or you know of a member who might like to join the NWOS Board, please contact the Nominating Committee (Joff Morgan, Alan Kaas, or George Grantham).

Membership Renewal Reminder


Unless you joined since July 1, it's time to renew your membership.  The NWOS membership year now goes by calendar year.  During this transition year it will go from July 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018 (18 months).  You can pay at most meetings by cash, check, or debit/credit card.  You can mail a check (payable to NWOS) to PO Box 51021, Seattle, WA 98115-1021.  You can also pay online using Paypal on our Membership page at http://newsletter.nwos.org/membership.  New members should complete the Membership Form.


Dues are $30 for one person or $40 for two people at the same address.  We also have a Youth membership of $15 for one person aged 22 or under.  Dues are kept low to encourage membership but they cover only a small portion of the society's expenses.

Each single, youth and dual membership person will be considered an individual full-fledged member entitled to all privileges and benefits of the society (voting, Christmas plants, etc.).


Please contact Mike Cory for questions about your dues.

Northwest Flower and Garden Show Notes

Vanilla Farm - our Gold Medal Winning Garden


Our efforts creating a beautiful garden were rewarded with a Gold Medal at the most recent NW Flower & Garden Show.


Here are a few photos of our garden.  We plan on having a much more extensive article in the next newsletter.


Many, many thanks to all who helped in the garden planning, construction, and staffing.  And thanks also to everyone who lent the beautiful blooms so the thousands of Garden Show visitors could enjoy them.      

                                                                              Photos: Diane Drisch, Mike Foster & Donna Pierce

"Welcome to our Garden", Thuan central path
Crowds love our front garden garden path
a 'mountain' of orchids on the back right Dendrochilum corner
next to the shed front right corner
left side of back center of back
Vanilla plants on left side of shed with
vanilla processing materials on the right
behind the shed

March: The Month of Work - By Thomas Mirenda
(This article was originally published in the March 2015 issue of Orchids Magazine)

MOST OF US spend a lot more time working at our jobs than at any other activity. While life balance may seem somewhat out of whack for the workaholics among us, fulfilling work and accomplishment makes us feel proud, productive and engaged. For many of us, work gives meaning to our lives. Yet I fear so many of us doubt what we do has any impact at all. While I am lucky enough to have a job I’m passionate about, many among us only work to generate money, and the satisfaction these people get from the work itself is pretty negligible, if it exists at all. Sometimes when working for a large company we tend to get lost in the corporate machinery and, like cogs in a wheel, lose cognizance of the relevance of our daily tasks. If we don’t believe what we are doing is important or worthwhile, why should we bother to get good at it?

I think all us humans fall into this syndrome from time to time and March is a month where inspiration may be scarce indeed. Everyone reading this has a unique life-history and perspective, much like the orchids we cultivate. We all have purpose and direction as well as lovely and nurturing personalities. I’ve never met an orchid grower who didn’t. Whatever your role in this workaday world may be, you are part of the fascinating, vibrant and passionate world of orchid growing. What better thing could we aspire to than to spread that joy and passion we know so well to others? I hope I see you out there at the next orchid show doing exactly that!

BACK TO THE GRINDSTONE March, with its lengthening of days and warming of temperatures, marks the beginning of the growing season for many of us. Many of our orchids, such as phalaenopsis and cymbidiums, have been blooming the last few months, but haven’t done much vegetatively since last fall and therefore haven’t needed much in terms of water and fertilizer for quite a while. Now you should be seeing the beginnings of new growths, and most importantly, new green root tips. This is your signal that growth has resumed; repotting season has come and you need to be ready!

SUPPLY CHAIN It may seem a bit premature, but now is the time to stock up on the supplies you’ll need for the onslaught of repotting necessary in the coming months. Your friends at the garden center will be so happy to see youand are likely to give you first-rate customer service because their business is still pretty slow until spring is in earnest next month. Get the jump on your orchid needs by purchasing fresh potting mix and a wide variety of containers in an array of useful sizes, both clay and plastic, as well as mounts and baskets, rhizome clips and stability stakes. Get enough so that you won’t have to interrupt your rhythm and momentum during potting season to head back to the store for just a bit more.

PRIDE IN YOUR WORK If you haven’t worked with your plants in a while, get out the books and review your potting techniques, and maybe invite a friend (or that curious teenager across the street) to help you. Sometimes showing someone else how to do something is the best reminder for protocols, such as how to strategize against spreading virus, potting securely and effectively and keeping an eye out for problems such as pests and pathogens that might have gone unnoticed in a crowded winter greenhouse. Reward your helpers with a nice healthy division of something pretty and vigorous that grows easily. This is to ensure they get the orchid bug too!

FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR The work you put into your collection this month as well as in April and May will invariably influence your success for the rest of the year. Plants that are neglected in the spring rarely perform well in the long term. While some plants will bloom a little better when slightly root-bound, waiting too long to repot will eventually lead to declining health and even death. Search your collection for plants that have grown past their pot rims (with obstreperous aerial roots) or don’t dry out (due to rotting roots or broken-down mixes) or have weeds and ferns taking over, crowding out your precious orchids. There is nothing quite like a fresh potting job to fix a multitude of potential orchid problems. A little hard work now will repay you in boatloads of floral productivity this coming year!

—Thomas Mirenda has been working professionally with orchids for over three decades and is an AOS accredited judge. He recently co-authored The Book of Orchids: a life-size guide to 600 species of orchids from around the world. Tom recently assumed the directorship of horticulture, education and outreach at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden. (E-mail: biophiliak@gmail.comwww.htbg.com)

News from the American Orchid Society

Thanks for all the pics that you are sending in for the Instagram feed. Our Instagram Administrator, Candace Hollinger, sends her appreciation to you all. It’s wonderful to see such a variety of everything orchid that’s enjoyed around the globe. The AOS would

love pics of how we grow, what’s blooming now or anything we love about orchids. Please continue to send your photos and short videos to: americanorchidsociety@gmail.com.  Be sure to send a

short caption explaining your photo. Also, if you are bilingual and can include your caption in English plus your other language(s)—it will help with our universal outreach.

Cymbidium Charles Weckerle Thrun ‘Hatfield’s’, AM/AOS (82pts.) (George Formby × devonianum) had 80 flowers and three buds on three sharply pendulous inflorescences when exhibited by Hatfield Orchids of Oxnard, CA at the March 2014 Santa Barbara International Orchid Show.
Photographer: Arthur Pinkers

It’s show season! Remember to check-in on our Facebook Group Page for Affiliated Societies of the American Orchid Society. Let us know how your show went and what was successful for you or what didn’t quite make the mark. We always help each other by sharing. Our administrator, Chad Brinkerhuff, monitors the feed and is a great resource for all that the AOS has to offer. And… Here’s a link to check it all out - http://www.aos.org/


It’s easy to find the scheduled webinars and to register on the AOS website. You’ll find the link under the All About Orchids tab. If you check there, you will find any webinars that have been scheduled after the production of the monthly Corner.

Doctor, Doctor, I see spots: Cattleya guttata with Andrew Coghill-Behrends
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
@ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST Members Only
Join Andrew Coghill-Behrendsas he presents a discussion on Cattleya guttata and its hybrids.  Register now using this link:


Orchids Under Glass
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
@ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST Members Only
Chris Miller, a grower of all orchids small, will show us how to build and maintain orchidariums for those plants that need special growing conditions, humidity, light and temperature.
Register now using this link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5731094796130690818

Cattleya guttata 'Mint Julip' HCC/AOS; Photographer: Edwin Boyett

American Orchid Society: Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton
Thursday, March 29th, 2018
@ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST Open to All

Please join Ron McHatton, American Orchid Society Director of Education and Science Officer, who will discuss a variety of topics on orchid culture based on questions submitted by attendees. Please send you questions to stillisch@cox.net by Monday, March 26th.

Register now using this link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1353064894983688963

Note: After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the seminar.

WHAT ARE WEBINARS? Webinars are an Internet conference where you can hear the speaker and view his presentation, ask questions, and hear interactions from other members of the audience. You can join either on your computer or by phone. You can join from anywhere, via your Mac, PC or even your mobile device. Audio is included, so attendees can phone in or use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You will need a microphone for your computer to use VoIP.


WANT TO LEARN, BUT CAN’T MAKE THE DATE? The live webinars will be recorded and posted on the AOS website, where you will find a link allowing you to view the webinars at your convenience.

Mystacidium capense 'Harford's Galaxy' CCM/AOS; Photographer: Unknown

THE MARCH ISSUE OF ORCHIDS MAGAZINE will feature great articles and beautiful pictures on:

• Genus of the Month - Cyrtochilum
• Orchids Illustrated - Rossioglossum
• For the Novice - How to Rebasket
• Who Were These Guys, Part 4: Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach
Dendrobium bigibbum, Part 3: Intersectional Hybrids, Stripes and Pansies
• The 22nd WOC in Guayaquil
• Collector's Item - Mystacidium capense



Cattleytonia Memoria Michael Davis
'Sandra Walters" AM/AOS;
Photographer: Claude W. Hamilton

Digital Access To Over 350+ past issues of Orchids magazine extending back to 1932!
16-page award gallery of breathtaking pictures of recently awarded orchids.

See fabulous pictures of the most breathtakingly beautiful orchids receiving awards from the AOS! Visit the new “Latest Orchid Awards” page on the AOS website to enjoy these stunning photographs! Click on the thumbnails to see them in larger format. Free to members and nonmembers.

Let’s grow together,

Denise Lucero, Vice-Chair, AOS Membership and Affiliated Societies

Report from the February Meeting

Peter T. Lin


Abigail Chang, President, welcomed everyone to our meeting. Mike Pearson projected a photographic show of our display at the NWF&G Show. Joff Morgan gave thanks to all the volunteers who helped create our Gold Medal Award winning display. He asked all of us to sign some thank-you cards for those outside of our membership that helped enormously. They are 1. Marenakos Rock Center for all the stone and rocks, 2. Lake Washington Institute of Technology horticulture student volunteers, 3. Katrina Lindahl from the Washington Park Zoo for lending, delivering and picking up their wonderful foliage plants and 4. to the NWF&G Show Staff for their help and encouragement.

For our Orchid Basics session, Abigail and Mike talked about Vanilla, the subject of our display garden. They explained how it's grown, flowers, pollinated and how the resulting seed pods are turned into the vanilla products that we're all so familiar with. George Grantham asked for plants for the upcoming Mt. Baker Orchid Society show and reminded us of the upcoming shows in Spokane and Portland. Abigail then took time to welcome new members and visitors. She reviewed what we could do to prepare for the upcoming Orchid Auction and preview party.

Mike Foster introduced our speaker, Peter T. Lin from Diamond Orchids, located in southern California. Peter's talk was about mini Cattleyas. He started by discussing the many benefits of growing mini-catts.  Besides their compact size, they can flower more than once a year, grow and bloom faster than standard catts, and have temperature tolerance.  He showed beautiful photos of the many small species, then discussed the primary hybrids using those species. He reviewed some of the old hybrids, then moved on to current hybrids including some very amazing breeding that's producing splash petal flowers and spotted flowers. He also discussed the future of even smaller Mini and Micro cattleyas. Peter gave us a good review of all the major points of their culture so that we could successfully grow these charming plants.


Andy Wright and Joe Grienauer reviewed the plant table.                      Photos: Diane Drisch

Andy shows an interesting feature about plant table Paph. venustum var. album
'Maybrook' AM/AOS, Dick Hanson
Paph. appletonianum var. hainanense,
Jamie Notman
Joe G points out things we should compare when we
look at the paphs on display from several members
Enjoying the plant table. And in the back corner
folks are purchasing from our speaker, Peter Lin
What would we do without Pat and Chris? 
They help us with the business of our society. 
At meetings, they sell raffle tickets, plants,
books and much, much more.
Paph. wardii 'Wedgwood' AM/AOS,
Dick Hanson
Paph. tranlienianum,
Dick Hanson
Paph. robinsonii,
Dick Hanson
Paph. micranthum var.
eburneum, Dick Hanson
Paph. wolterianum 'Jamie',
Dick Hanson
Phrag. besseae var. flavum x
kovachii, Mike Foster & Donna Pierce
Oncidium Chiou Pin,
Nancy Wright
Oerstedella centradenia,
Diane Drisch
Onc. Moonshadow 'Tiger Tail',
Diane Drisch
Laelia anceps, dark form,
George Krasle
Ctt. Richard Gamble (C. Fiddlesticks
x Lc. Trick or Treat), Diane Drisch
Potinara Love Passion 'Long
Vacation', Nancy Wright
Lc Cluster Fire 'Cinnabar',
Nancy Wright
Bc. Maikai 'Mayumi',
Mike Foster & Donna Pierce
Bc. Nakornpathome Silver,
Barb Roberts
Blc Vermillion Sunset 'Copper Nugget'
 x Slc Katherine Clarkson 'SVO',
Mike Foster & Donna Pierce
Coelogyne cristata,
George Krasle
Miltonia vexillaria 'Bertie',
Robert Culver
Comparettia macroplectron,
Jamie Notman
Haraella retrocalia (syn. odorata) Lepanthes calodictyon, Aria Tiedeman
Dendrobium Micro Chip
(D. Aberrans x D. normanbyense)
Dendrobium kingianum,
Thuan V Nguyen
Dendrobium kingianum,
Erika Dyer
Dendrobium kingianum,
George Krasle
Den. Roy Tokunaga ('Semi Alba' x 'Spots') Maxillaria lepidotes, Diane Drisch
Cymbidium, Erika Dyer Cymbidium, Randy Erickson Cymbidium, Randy Erickson
Cymbidium, Randy Erickson Stenorrhynchos speciosum, George Krasle
Phal, Alba Dennis Phal., Alba Dennis Phal., Thuan V Nguyen
Phal., Thuan V Nguyen Phal., Alba Dennis Phal., Alba Dennis
Phalaenopsis parishii x sib Phalaenopsis, Jamie Notman

Schedule of Upcoming Events


March 12, 2018 - NWOS meeting - Annual Orchid Auction and preview party


March 19, 2018 - Hands-On Potting Clinic


March 17, 2018 - AOS Judging Center, Final Seattle Judging, 12:00 pm - meet at the Greenwood Library branch, 81st and Greenwood, Seattle


March 24-25, 2018 - Vancouver Orchid Society, BC, Canada


April 7-8, 2018Spokane Orchid Society Show and Sale, Spokane, WA (see article above)


April 9, 2018 - NWOS meeting - Speaker:  Brenda Oviatt (Botanica Ltd), "Angraecoid Orchids - Keeping a piece of nature alive"


April 14-15, 2018 - Treasure Valley orchid Society Show, Boise, ID


April 21-22, 2018 - Oregon Orchid Society Show and Sale, Portland, OR (see article above)


May 14, 2018 - NWOS meeting - Speaker:  Wally Orchard, "Growing South African Disa"


June 11, 2018 - NWOS meeting - Annual Meeting, Gary Baker Service Award and Potluck Dinner

Reminder for Officers & Board Members


The schedule of Board Meetings for this fiscal year is: 3/6/18, 5/8/18.  Meet at 7 p.m. at Mike & Sheila Cory's house unless notified that it's been moved elsewhere.

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It's really easy, but you have to remember to go in through the 'smile' subdomain when you place the order, otherwise it will go through as a regular order.


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