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May 2019
Volume 72, Issue 10

Norman Fang


About the May Meeting

May  13, 2019          7:00 p.m.

University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98105


Orchid Basics - 7 p.m. sharp

This month’s session will be a discussion about the Orchid Wiz software.  The software is used for more than keeping track of your collection.

NWOS members can receive a 30% discount for the software, by using the discount code TIPS.  This offer's only good until the end of May 2019 at the https://www.orchidwiz.com/ web site.

Speaker:  Norman Fang, 'New Color Forms of Phalaenopsis Species'

Our speaker will be Norman Fang of http://www.orchids.com, which is a natural outgrowth of one of today's most successful orchid nurseries: Norman's Orchids, based in Montclair, California. It's a family owned and operated orchid nursery that was founded in 1986.

Norman's goal is to provide the finest specimens to people who wish to share and enjoy the beauty of nature's most evolved floral gift. On his website he states: "Orchids.com grows exquisite orchid plants for every level of the flowering orchid plant market: decorator, florist, potted plant retailer, orchid aficionado and, especially, individual clients. The nursery is a sophisticated producer of premier healthy orchid plants in bloom, or in the process of blooming. Their superior efforts in orchid plant culture and quality control achieve bountiful displays of flowers in many luscious colors. This is brought about by careful management of the greenhouse environment."

Norman's Orchids has participated in numerous orchid shows throughout the United States and Canada. They have received trophies, medals and accolades for the displays and flowers. Their exhibit at the 16th World Orchid Conference in 1999, that took place at Vancouver, British Columbia, earned more medals for Phalaenopsis than any other exhibitor.


Note: We will be hosting Norman to dinner at the Marlai Thai restaurant on Monday before the meeting at 4:30pm.  Everyone is welcome and if you'd like to join us, please RSVP to fosterpierce@comcast.net by noon, Sunday the 10th.  Dinner is served family-style and averages about $25.

Display Table:

Bring your blooming Orchids so everyone can enjoy them.  For your convenience, you can print out a Plant Table Information Form ahead of time.  Click for your version of choice:  PDF  WORD  Excel


Sales Table:
Members may bring up to 10 plants to sell.  Include an extra tag with your name and the price in the plant.


The raffle will be held as usual.  Win a new orchid for your collection while supporting the Scholarship Fund.


NWOS Library: 

If you'd like to check out a book or tape from our Library, please contact our Librarian Joe Grienauer a minimum of 2 weeks before the next meeting.  Besides email, you can give Joe your request at any meeting.  For a list of library items Click on the Library link at the top left of this page or click HERE.

NWOS Show and Sale at the Conservatory in Volunteer Park


The Northwest Orchid Society held a two day orchid show and sale at the Volunteer Park Conservatory on the weekend of April 6th and 7th.

The show presented a large collection of plants grown by members of the Society. The Northwest Orchid Society collaborated with the Friends of the Conservatory and the staff of the Conservatory in presenting this first show.

The seasonal house was used for the event. Also present were two orchid vendors Emerald City Orchids and Olympic Orchids providing a wide range of orchids for sale for the orchid hobbyist as well as the beginner.

Many thanks go the the Senior Gardener at the Conservatory, David Helgeson for his encouragement, logistics planning and facilitating the show. Plans are going forward to hold this show next year.

There were many members of the Society who volunteered their plants and time to set up and take down the show. They made great contributions to the success of the show.


Michael Cory, NWOS Secretary and Friend of the Conservatory

                                                                                Photos: Michael Cory and Joff Morgan

Cylvia artistically places
plants in the display
Matt Godlove
makes labels
Friday setup
Joe arranges his booth No better toy than a big ol' box
NWOS display
mounted orchid Den. glomeratum Bulbo. falcata
cattleyas Den. Royal Wings blooms
Oncidium Oncidium Lyc. Abou First Spring 'Will'
photographing the blooms Phalaenopsis
orchids in the house NWOS member sales
pink beauty mounted cattleya
Emerald City Orchids Olympic Orchids
Epidendrum Paphs and Oncidium
orchids everywhere up and down the aisles
gorgeous centerpiece visitors
a sweet little one is almost
dwarfed by our display
Cylvia and George
It's fun to take some time to visit, to share in some of the
hard work as well as simply enjoy our beautiful orchid show

Spring Orchid Show Season Ends with Show in Portland

NWOS Display

The Oregon Orchid Society Show on April 27-28 was the last show of the Spring season in our area. In the Fall we plan to take a display to Kennewick for the Tri Cities show in early October. Except for our own Fall show that will close out the year.

The Oregon Orchid Society Show, always a success, seemed even bigger and better this year. Our own display consisted of 51 plants. Our plants were awarded only 11 show ribbons because they faced very stiff competition due to the high quality of plants throughout the show. The host society won the American Orchid Society Trophy for best display. In our display Robert Culver's Lemboglossum rossii won Best Oncidium Alliance and was nominated by the AOS Judges. Cylvia's and my Miltoniopsis Morris Chestnut 'Vivian' won Best Miltoniopsis. Robert Culver brought 14 plants for the display on Friday and helped with setup. Alba Dennis also came down Friday to assist with setup and thanks to the esthetic expertise of Cylvia and Alba, the display was very nice. Without Robert and Alba helping it would have been almost impossible to get all the plants registered and build the display in the time allotted.          
                                                                               Photos: Cylvia and George Grantham

Best Oncidium Alliance
Lemboglossum rossii, Robert Culver
Best Miltoniopsis: 
Miltoniopsis Morris Chestnut 'Vivian', George and Cylvia Grantham
NWOS Display in a room full of great orchids

Nine members sent plants to this show! Thank you very much Joff Morgan, Mike Foster and Donna Pierce, Thuan Nguyen, Barb Roberts, Andrew McGinnis, Nicholas Verbos, George Krasle and Robert Culver. Special thanks to Robert, Alba and Cylvia for helping with the display.


George Grantham, 2nd Vice President

Orchid Exhibit at the Washington State Fair, Puyallup

The Washington State Fair is coming up soon (August 30-September 22, closed Tuesdays and September 4) and they have asked for the Northwest Orchid Society to participate again. The Fair’s orchid exhibit is a great place to showcase your blooming plants and possibly win Cash Prizes!.  There are two consecutive 2-week Orchid Shows/Judgings.  All the plants are safe in a secure 'Greenhouse' display booth in an air conditioned bldg. and are misted daily.

The schedule of events (including cash prizes for winners) is available as a file here:

This year we are also hoping to be able to put on a public seminar or demonstration of some type (perhaps showing people how we repot, or giving tips on how to get that Trader Joe’s phalaenopsis to bloom again). Look for more information in the next newsletter - this is just a heads-up to be ready to help us have another eye-catching orchid display, to be viewed by thousands of Fair visitors. 

You can contact me if you need any additional information - my contact information is in the roster that is being distributed to paid members.  Thanks!

Mike Pearson, NWOS Board of Directors

Trip to International Orchid World 2019 and Annual General Meeting of the International Odontoglossum Alliance


Dresden, Germany - 3/28/2019 - 3/31/2019          http://orchideenwelt-dresden.de

by NWOS member Robert Culver

Busses, trains and taxis delivered streams of visitors to Messe Halle. Excited guests pushed past vendors selling spring bulbs and garden gnomes on their way to the exhibition hall holding the International Orchid World 2019, stopping here and there to grab a cappuccino or delicious strawberry and Nutella crepe.

Entering the main hall you are carried along by the sea of people moving from one display to the next. The size of the main hall is large, making it hard to keep your bearings at times. That initial disorientation is perhaps enhanced by rumble of people speaking, many in a tongue which you might not be familiar. Taking a second to stop and just take it all in, you’re grounded by the familiar fragrance from all of the orchids.

There are bountiful exhibits from over 60 exhibitors and 15 countries showing a wealth and variety of orchids from across the orchid growing world. Well grown species, new trends in hybridizing and clones used in the potted plant trade were all well represented by the vendors and societies. I was especially impressed with some of the terrestrial orchids that were presented by the societies (Pleione, Cypripedium and Bletilla), and thought they might make an interesting topic for a NWOS meeting.

The sales area was magical. Vendors were there from all over Europe, South America and Asia. The plants for sale looked to be of the highest quality. Some of the vendors had flasks for sale. I wasn’t quite sure on the regulations for brining flasks back into the US so I left them at the sales table.                                        
       Photos: Robert Culver

show floor
busy sales area Blumen Glanz display
C. lueddemmanniana 'Asaki' LC Irene Finey x Ovation
Phal. Formidable Paph. tigrinum
Phrag. Yelva Myhre Paph. delantii
Odontoglossum crispum Pleione Orizaba 'Fish Eagle'
Pleurothallis teaguei display
Orchid display

International Odontoglossum Alliance: Annual General Meeting

• Sam Cowie of Leaf and Limb - Growing Odontoglossum Alliance in Australia

Sam talked about growing Odontoglossum alliance hybrids commercially in Queensland Australia. The pot plant market as you might expect is quite competitive and plants have to go from flask to flower in two years. Many of the plants need to have two inflorescences per pseudobulb. Unlike the North American market which wants plants from 18”-24” inflorescence height, they prefer 24”-30” in Australia. Growing in Queensland many of the plants have to be selected for heat tolerance so a number of the nothogenera have Brassia or Miltonia in the background, though surprisingly not all of them.

• Dr. Guido Deburghgraeve - Presentation on New Odontoglossum Monograph

Cyrtochilum sodiroi © Guido Deburghgraeve
Cyrtochilum sodiroi & ramosissimum
© Guido Deburghgraeve

Guido spoke about the new Odontoglossum monograph that he and Stig Dahlstrom have been preparing for publication. It will represent a follow on to the monograph by Leonore Bockemühl, now with the understanding of genetics and further collections which Guido and Stig were able to do. The new monograph will be approximately 600 pages.


Shown here are examples of the type

of scientific photographs that will be in the monograph. 

It should be noted that the Crytochiliums will not be included in the monograph for Odontoglossum but are part of a future scientific paper.  The first one is of Cyrtochilum sodiroi.

Next we have an example which compares the flowers between Cyrtochilum sodiroi and ramosissimum. Cyrt. sodiroi being a highly variable species found from Colombia to Peru whereas Cyrt. ramosissimum is currently only known from Venezuela.

• Andy Easton of New Horizon Orchids - New Directions on Odontoglossum Hybridizing
With over 1000 hybrids to his name in many genera. Andy is an experienced hybridizer. Andy talked about new directions in hybridizing within the Odontoglossum alliance. A number of the new trends are focusing on producing deeper colors, branching sprays and warmth tolerance at the same time as keeping the ‘Odont shape’. A lot of this work is happening either with hobbyist or nurseries in South America. Hopefully we can see some of the results enter the nursery trade here in North America.

• Juan Felipe Posada of Colomborquideas - 3Rs of Odontoglossums

Odontoglossum naevium

Juan Felipe has a nursery in Medellín Colombia, specializing in cool growing orchids, with nearly 100 hybrids registered. Juan Felipe talked about a number of things. One of the most interesting was the rediscovery of Odontoglossum lucianianum and naevium. These species for all intents and purposes had been lost to cultivation.


Only one plant of naevium was known to exist in a private collection. Attempts to self it failed many many times. Finally a pod took and what little fluff was recovered germinated. 

Also, a shipment of blandum arrived at Colomborquideas which bloomed out to be naevium. From these a population of naeviums has been reestablished.

Odontoglossum lucianium
© S Beckendorf


The story of lucianium was a little more directed.  Dr. Steve Beckendorf of UC Berkeley made a collection of lucianianum in Venezuela and with that it allowed for outcrosses to be made. From this there are now a seedling population in flask and compot. I believe some are still available through Marni Turkel.

To learn more about the Odotoglossum Alliance you can read their newsletter.  You can join for free.


The past few years of newsletters are available online.
You can get notification of new newsletters by writing to ioaweb@icloud.com and ask to be added to the list.

Robert Culver, NWOS Board of Directors

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News from the American Orchid Society

AOS NEWS - President's Message
Don’t miss AOS President Susan Wedegaertner’s message in the May issue of ORCHIDS magazine where she tells us about her adventures at the Tokyo Dome Show (officially known as the Japan Grand Prix International Orchid and Flower Festival) in Tokyo, Japan, and the Taiwan International Orchid Show in Tainan, Taiwan. She also announces that our next AOS Members’ Meeting will be held October 16-20, 2019 in Homestead, Florida, in conjunction with the East Everglades Orchid Society Show.


The American Orchid Society Guide to Orchids and their Culture
By Mary E. Gerritson and Ron Parsons

This 245- page book, beautifully illustrated with over 450 color photographs, covers a myriad of topics on orchid culture. Topics include specific information on popular orchid groups, repotting, orchid mounting, growing orchids semi-hydroponically, as well as a section on common orchid pests and diseases.

The book can be purchased individually online at the AOS web store or in bulk by calling AOS offices at (305) 740-2010. (Staff is available from 9:00AM to 5:30PM EDT, Monday through Friday.)

Find vendors of orchid plants, seedlings, supplies, greenhouses, fertilizers, watering equipment, potting mixes, lighting setups and other orchid-related products at your fingertips at http://www.aos.org/orchids/orchid-source-directory.aspx.  The 2019 printed version will be mailed to all members in September and includes not only vendors but information on all our affiliated societies and judging centers.

UPCOMING WEBINARS     It’s easy to find the scheduled webinars and to register on the AOS website. You’ll find the link under the All About Orchids tab. If you check there, you will find any webinars that have been scheduled after the production of this monthly Corner.

Cymbidium eburneum 'Monica' AM/AOS;
Photographer: John Dunkelberger


Note: After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail information about joining the seminar.

Asian Cymbidiums with Ken Jacobsen
Thursday, May 16th, 2019 @ 8:30 – 9:30 EDT              Members only
Join AOS Accredited Judge, Ken Jacobsen, as he presents an overview of Asian Cymbidium species and hybrids, often valued as much for their foliage as their flowers.  Register now using this link:

WHAT ARE WEBINARS? Webinars are an Internet conference where you can hear the speaker and view the presentation, ask questions, and hear interactions from other members of the audience. You can join either on your computer or by phone. You can join from anywhere, via your Mac, PC or even your mobile device. Audio is included, so attendees can phone in or use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You will need a microphone for your computer to use VoIP.

Paphiopedilum Liberty Taiwan
'Mysterious Valley Bubblegum' AM/
Photographer: Mark Van der Woerd

WANT TO LEARN BUT CAN’T MAKE THE DATE? The live webinars will be recorded and posted on the AOS website, where you will find a link allowing you to view the webinars at your convenience.

THE MAY ISSUE OF ORCHIDS MAGAZINE will feature great articles and beautiful pictures on:

  • The New Refugium Botanicum - TBD by Franco Pupulin

  • Orchid Gardens - Inkaterra, Peru, Part 2 by Tom Mirenda

  • For the Novice: A Beginner's Guide to Vegetative Propagation of Orchids by Barbara Schmidt

  • Orchids Illustrated - Sophronitis (Cattleya) Group by Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins

  • A New Classifications of the Dendrobium bigibbum Lindl. Complex, and Hybrid Registration by Peter Adams

  • Who Were These Guys, Part 8 - James Bateman by David Rosenfeld

  • Greenhouse Cooling Ideas by Norbert Dank

  • Goodyera pubescens by Soraya Cates Parr

BECOME AN AOS MEMBER  The AOS wants to sweeten the deal and give you every possible reason to join AOS today! If you become an American Orchid Society member, you have considerably more resources at your disposal making growing orchids even more enjoyable and successful.


There are many MEMBERS-ONLY pages on the AOS Website where you can enhance your orchid hobby.  In Addition, you have Digital Access to Over 350+ past issues of Orchids magazine extending back to 1932!

Phalaenopsis YangYang Blue Angel
'La Grenoville' AM/
Photographer: Ramon de los Santos


ALSO FEATURED IN ORCHIDS MAGAZINE!  16-page award gallery of breath taking pictures of recently awarded orchids.  Join now and add the NWOS on your application so we can earn a month's credit towards the society's yearly dues.

See fabulous pictures of the most breathtakingly beautiful orchids receiving awards from the AOS! Visit the new “Latest Orchid Awards” page on the AOS website to enjoy these stunning photographs! Click on the thumbnails to see them in larger format. Free to members and non-members.


Denise Lucero, Vice-Chair, AOS Membership and Affiliated Societies

Speaker Ron Midgett

Report from the April Meeting


Abigail Chang, President, introduced our Orchid Basics presenters Steve Dorsey and Nathan Hurst.  The topic was about growing orchids under LED lights.  They shared a lot of interesting and detailed information to a very engaged audience.


Abby made a number of brief announcements including a call for volunteers to serve on the Audit committee.  George Grantham asked for nominations for the Gary Baker Service Award.  NWOS Scholarship applications are due.  We spoke briefly about the OrchidWiz software discount that will be the topic of our May Orchid Basics talk.  George also spoke about the Spokane Show results where one of Andy Wright's plants won an award.  He then reminded us of the upcoming show in Portland, OR.  Our very recent show at the Conservatory was a wonderful success (see article above).

Abby then welcomed new members and visitors.  Mike Foster introduced our speaker Ron Midgett from New Mexico.  Ron started with Orchid Trivia, then went into the Culture of the various Oncidinae, a review of species, then culture basics of the intergenerics made by crossing the various species.  You can tell a lot about their culture by looking at the flower form (Open star, Full star, Round and full, Lip dominant, Lip not dominant).  Similar flower types have similar cultural requirements.


There are 5 flower presentation types: arched, horizontal, cascade, upright and upright Christmas Tree habit.  Ron also reviewed many crosses and discussed what was expected vs. what the cross actually turned out to look like.  It was interesting to learn about the breeding influence of Brazillian Miltonia.


George Krasle reviewed the plant table.                                   Photos: Diane Drisch

Orchid Basics with Steve & Nathan continued discussion after the presentation
there's a lot of interest in LED lights Ron with members
Ron answers questions Checking closely during the break

George K leans in for a sniff as he reviews our plant table


April plant table


Editor's Note:  More photos will be placed here over the next day or so. 
Please check back and refresh your browser to see the images. 
When this note is gone, the newsletter is complete.


Schedule of Upcoming Events


May 13, 2019 - NWOS meeting - Speaker:  Norman Fang, 'New Color Forms of Phalaenopsis Species'.

June 10, 2019 - NWOS Annual Meeting, Gary Baker Service Award, Potluck Dinner and Scholarship presentation.

August ???, 2019 - NWOS Annual Picnic

September 9, 2019 - NWOS meeting - Speaker: Alan Koch, topic to come. There will be plant pre-sales as well as meeting sales. (http://www.goldcountryorchids.com)

Reminder for Officers & Board Members


The schedule of Board Meetings for this membership year is: 5/7/19, 7/??/19, 9/3/19 and 11/5/19.  Meet at 7 p.m. at Mike & Sheila Cory's house unless notified that it's been moved elsewhere.  George and Cylvia Grantham will host the July meeting...details to follow.

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