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March 2019
Volume 72, Issue 8

Our Auction is the perfect
time to get divisions of
some of the lovely orchids
that we've admired on our
monthly plant table exhibits


About the March Meeting

March 11, 2019

Room opens at 6:00 p.m.
Preview Party starts at 6:30 p.m.

University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st Street
Seattle, WA 98105


Orchid Basics

This month's session will start 10 minutes early at 6:50 pm.  Abigail Chang's topic will be an  “Introduction to Mounting Orchids”.  This will prepare us in part for next week's Potting Clinic.  Questions welcomed.


Annual Orchid Auction and Preview Party

The Northwest Orchid Society's biggest orchid selling and buying event outside of our show, this is a chance to find some select plants, sometimes at a great price. And even if it's not dirt cheap, it goes to a good cause. This is also a chance for those with burgeoning collections to winnow out the surplus, earn a few bucks, and make room for new acquisitions. Consider selling plants that you've nurtured, but haven't been able to get to bloom.  You can then use the proceeds to buy something that may do better for you.

Bidding:  Register when you arrive and get a bidding number to use during the auction. Keep your paddle moving, and after the auction you will use the same number to pay for your winning bids. We can process VISA/Mastercard transactions along with cash and checks.

Selling:  Each Current Member may bring up to five plants to auction off, with the NWOS taking a 20% commission. There is no limit on the number of plants you may auction at a 100% donation to the Society.  If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2019, please check out the Membership Renewal Reminder article below for details.


Photos:  If you have digital photos of the flowers for the plants that your are selling, they could be projected on the screen behind the auctioneers.  Hopefully it will work and will help the bidders better visualize what the plant will look like.  Send the images to ShowRegistration@nwos.org


Registration:  To register your plants, please print the Auction Form by clicking on the picture.  Complete both the left and right sides, and bring it with you to the meeting and keep it with your plants. Make sure to mark ONE fund of your choice.  SPECIAL NOTE: If you select more than one fund or fail to select a fund, the 20% society commission will default to the General Fund.

There are five fund choices and you must choose ONE of them:

• The Library Fund is used to purchase items for the NWOS Library.
• The UW Greenhouse Fund is used by the U.W. Botany Greenhouse to purchase Species Orchids.
• The Zoo Fund is used by the Woodland Park Zoo Greenhouse to purchase Orchids for display in exhibits.
• The Scholarship Fund provides a grant each year for a college student working on an Orchid related project.
• The General Fund covers everything else, from the programs to the everyday working of your society.

This Auction is the only source of funding for the Library, UW Greenhouse Fund, and Zoo funds. The Scholarship Program receives additional funding from the Raffles held at most meetings.


Preview Party:

We will again have our very popular wine and cheese preview party, hosted by Peter and Kelley Maunsell.  There will be refreshments, including a special selection of beverages. Non-members are welcome, but only members and their guests can be served alcoholic beverages.


The room will open at 6:00 pm so you can come early to organize your plants and help with setup.  The party will start at 6:30 pm, Orchid Basics starts at 6:50 pm.  A brief meeting followed by the auction will start promptly at 7:00 pm

NO Display Table, Sales Table, Raffle or Library this month!

Orchidarium, Maui

Special Auction Item:  Orchidarium

We received an Orchidarium as a donation for our Auction.  Many thanks to former member Patty Bomba for this wonderful gift.


The model is The Maui. It is a clear acrylic case measuring 24.5"w x 21"d x 32.5"h. It has double lights (new lights would be needed), fan and temperature/hygrometer sensor with memory. Attached is a photo from the brochure.


You can see a series of photos of the actual item and its documentation by clicking HERE.

This may be just the thing for those of you without a greenhouse.  You could also use it as a rotating display of your greenhouse blooms in a special spot in your living space.


We will be offering this item as a Silent Auction.  The bidding will start at $100, with additional bids increasing in $20 increments.  Or you can simply decide to 'Buy it Now' for $500.  We will accept bids until 8 pm. when the winning bid will be announced.


The winning bidder should be prepared to take the Orchidarium home at the end of the evening.

Hands ON Orchid Potting Clinic March 18, 2019 - 7 p.m.


Bring up to three average sized orchids to our Annual Potting Clinic in the lower Douglas Classroom.  Repotting is Free for NWOS members and is $15 for non-members, which can be applied towards becoming a member.  Come with questions, get some answers. Then add some hands-on experience, with guidance from our volunteer members.  You can see from last year's photos that we really get down and dirty.  Potting media and some pots will be available on site.                                                      Photos: Diane Drisch

This event has always been popular.  Our most experienced members give expert advice on all aspects of re-potting your orchids:

•Determining whether and when your orchid needs to be repotted. This can vary by species and time of year.
•Diagnosing potting problems, such as root loss and decomposition of potting mixes, over-potting and under-potting.
•Choosing the right pot type and size.
•What's the best potting mix for your particular orchid.

•Best practices for avoiding cross contamination and disease transfer.
•Can it be mounted?
•How your environment and watering habits can affect these choices.

You can bring up to three average sized plants. Be sure to head to the Lower Douglas Classroom for this event (adjacent to the greenhouse and the large parking lot.)

It's a night of fun and learning, and your orchids will thank you.

Volunteer Park Conservatory Orchid Show and Sale - April 6-7, 2019

We will be having a Show and Sale at the Volunteer Park Conservatory, on the first weekend of April.  It's a wonderful venue to show off our beautiful blooms.  It will run from 10 am-4 pm both days, with free admission on Saturday and $4 admission on Sunday.  Admission will be waived for NWOS volunteers, so come and spend a little time helping us out in this lovely Victorian setting.

There will be sign up sheets at the March Auction so you can help with the show.  Setup will be Friday, April 5th from 4-6 pm.  Drop off your blooming plants for display.  Breakdown and plant pickup will be from 4-5 pm Sunday.  It's important that we work within the Conservatory's schedule so if you can't make it during those times, please contact Mike F. to make other arrangements.


Our Orchid show and sale will be in the Seasonal House.  Enter through the main door and turn Right.  Orchid Vendors will include Emerald City Orchids, Olympic Orchids and The Volunteer Park Conservatory.  Current NWOS Members can sell plants with a 15% commission to the society.  Include an extra tag with your name and the price in the plant.


If you would like to be added to the show committee or want to be involved, please email Mike Foster, fosterpierce@comcast.net

Orchid Pre-Order Offer from our April Speaker - Deadline 4/3


Our April Speaker, Ron Midgett is offering orchid plant pre-orders for NWOS members. Here are the details:

  • Go to the New Earth Orchids web site, https://newearthorchids.com to see what is available.

  • Select the plants to purchase and put them in your cart.

  • Use the code SEA19 to receive your 15% discount. The code will only be active until April 3rd.

  • When it comes to choosing “shipping" or “In person pickup”; choose “In person pickup”.  This will avoid the shipping charges.

Ron will also have plants for sale at the meeting, but without the discount.

Plants Needed for Spring Shows   

The Spokane Orchid Society Show and Sale will be held March 30-31 at the Spokane Community College Student Lair. It will be a judged show and there will be five vendors. I will be collecting plants for the show on Thursday evening, March 28 at my house. If you have plants to send but have difficulty getting them to me let me know. We may be able to make special arrangements.

The Oregon Orchid Society Show and Sale in Portland will be held at the usual venue, the Acquinus Hall, April 27-28. I will be collecting plants the Thursday before. The show will be AOS judged and the sale will include 7 or 8 outstanding vendors. Check their website, http://oregonorchidsociety.org/, for additional information. If you can possibly get away that weekend I would highly recommend attending this outstanding show. Plan a weekend in Portland to enjoy the famous Portland food trucks and other amenities of our fair neighbor to the south.

George Grantham, 2nd Vice President

2019 Northwest Orchid Society Research Awards


Each year the NWOS offers funding for student research projects related to orchids.  These awards (typically $1000 or less) are open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in certified institutions of higher education in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.


This year's deadline for receipt of proposals is April 26.  If you know of any students who could use some help with their research involving orchids, please forward this information to them.


We look forward to helping with the discovery of new information about the wonderful world of orchids.  Click HERE for the full document about NWOS Scholarships.


Kathy Murray, NWOS Scholarship Chair

Membership Renewal Reminder


It's time to renew your NWOS membership for 2019.  Our membership period now goes by calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).  You can pay at most meetings by cash, check, or debit/credit card.  Click HERE to pay online using Paypal on our Membership page.  You can mail a check (payable to NWOS) to PO Box 51021, Seattle, WA 98115-1021.  New members should complete the Membership Form.


Dues are $30 for one person or $40 for two people at the same address.  We also have a Youth membership of $15 for one person aged 22 or under.  Dues are kept low to encourage membership but they cover only a small portion of the society's expenses.

Each single, dual and youth membership person will be considered an individual full-fledged member entitled to all privileges and benefits of the society (voting, Christmas plants, sell plants at meetings/shows/auction, etc.).


Please contact Mike Cory for questions about your dues.

Nominations for the Gary Baker Service Award


Now is the time to make your nominations for the Gary Baker Service Award. This award is given annually at the June Potluck to the person who has contributed the most to the overall goals of the society in the prior year. The recipient is selected by the board from nominations made by the general membership so they need to hear from you now.  Please fill out the Nomination form, and either bring it to the next meeting or send it to George Grantham (georgegrantham@hotmail.com).


Nomination form (MSWord) or (PDF)


2019 - "Orchids in Balance"

Another Great Flower Show Garden

We got a Silver Medal for our garden “Orchids in Balance” at the 2019 NW Flower & Garden Festival. While we won’t learn what the Judges said for another month, the Public LOVED our walk-through garden. They appreciated being able to get up close and personal with the orchids. And we received countless, positive comments about that throughout the Show.
I think the most popular plant in our garden, based on the questions we received, was the large, stiff-leaved, dinosaur kale-like foliage plant, Anthurium speciosum, from the Zoo’s Greenhouses. Oh, and the Coffee plants.

The orchids were popular too! Many people wanted to know if our plants were hardy here in Washington. And we received the usual questions about watering with ice cubes, how to get them back into bloom, how and when to repot, and many more. We handed out about 3000 flyers advertising our upcoming Orchid Auction, so I expect a full house and spirited bidding on March 11th.

Our garden display of orchids and foliage was spectacular. But even more spectacular were the gallant efforts of our volunteer army of helpers.

On behalf of Joe Grienauer, Gordon Cromwell, and myself, we wish to thank each of you for your time, expertise, and orchids in making our garden a huge success this year!

Orchid Society members:

Joe Grienauer

George Grantham

Donna Pierce

Chris Peterson

Elaine Sawyer

Christiane Ulness

Lynne Shardley

Thuan Nguyen

Robert Culver

Steve Dorsey

Dennis Gossler

Erika Dyer

Kim Cagney

Peter Maunsell

Katherine Foster

  and her friend Bruce

Gordon Cromwell

Cylvia Grantham

Abigail Chang

Lisa Ellis

Alba Dennis

Bruce Ulness

Diane Drisch

Orion Iverson

Al Mysiewicz

Lori Lederman

Olivia Arnold

Al Kaas

Allan Lee

Mike Cory

Mary Nichol

Joff Morgan

Mike Foster

Mike Pearson

Deb White

Mike Dennis

Ken Miura

Lillian Otani

Meghan Iverson

Laura Yoshihara

Pat Gossler

Greg Sliman

Pan Kantiyavong

Inga Lajauskiene

Ellen Macomber

George Krasle


UW Botany Greenhouse Staff                  Woodland Park Zoo Horticulture Staff

Lake Washington Horticulture students and alumni:

John Dorsey

Peter Szpak

Marina De-La-Cruz

Emily Bird

Patrick Dorsey

Alden Coleman

Starina Leilani

Laurel Skillman

Ty Meyers

Lynnon Sloan

Lorena Torres

Austin Crosley

And anyone I inadvertently left off this list.
~ Joff



                                                                 Photos: Diane Drisch, Mike Foster, Joff Morgan, Ken Miura


Editor's Note:  More photos will be placed here over the next day or so. 
Please check back and refresh your browser to see the images. 
When this note is gone, the newsletter is complete.


Missing Plant Trays

The heavy-duty plastic trays, which held smaller foliage plants used in our garden, were not returned after teardown. Katrina at the Zoo's Greenhouses would like these back.

These trays were:
- 17x17 square mesh carrying trays
- 10x21 mesh carrying trays
- 10x21 trays with 8 sections for 6" square pots

If the trays went home with you, please bring them to the March meeting and/or contact Joff Morgan. Thanks much!

~ Joff

Give Me Some Air - Combining Humidity with Air that Feels Light and Is Constantly Moving Benefits Plants

We hope you find this article prepared by the AOS Education Committee useful. Originally published in ORCHIDS Magazine March 2013.

During the19th-century Orchidmania craze that swept Europe, thousands of orchids would die in dry, heated “stoves,” as the orchid greenhouses were called. It is surprising that any survived and it was only the sheer numbers being ripped from the jungles at that time that allowed a hobby to be born. These early orchid hobbyists had little first-hand knowledge of where or how orchids grew and the plants often arrived in Europe unaccompanied by the person who collected them. The notion was that epiphytic orchids grew in dank and steamy tropical jungles. There certainly are orchids that come from sea level forests close to the equator, but even in those places there is open air movement, the subject we will cover here.

Humidity and air movement are qualities of the air that surround your orchids, and you. Although there are genera-specific requirements for more or less humidity, most tropical epiphytic orchids require 50–70 percent humidity. Less than 40 percent humidity can cause plants to grow poorly or at best, less than optimum. Plants transpire moisture through stomata, tiny pores on the leaves. If the humidity of the growing environment is too low, orchid plants will transpire water faster than they can take it up through the roots and become desiccated. Roots and potting media will also dry out quicker when a plant is kept in a dehydrated state. Watering more frequently is not a solution for dehydration and leads to root problems because of rapid decay of the medium.

If you grow orchids in a greenhouse it is most likely properly equipped to provide an acceptable range of humidity. Evaporative coolers are an excellent means of adding humidity and keeping temperatures cooler in summer. If you grow orchids in the home, you have more of a challenge to maintain proper humidity. Winter heating and summer air conditioning both dry the air significantly. For just a few plants there is a classic solution that may be somewhat limited in its effectiveness, but is easy and provides some humidity. Fill a shallow tray (such as an aluminum oven liner) with pebbles, and then add water to just below the tops of the pebbles. Set your orchid pots on the pebbles. Refill the tray every few days as needed (if algae builds up, empty the pebbles into a colander in the sink and rinse with diluted bleach, then plenty of clean water and then return to the tray). This works well if you are growing just a few orchids on a windowsill. Misting can also help, but the water evaporates so quickly that the benefits do not last long. If you have a larger collection that you perhaps grow on a plant stand or cart, an inexpensive humidifier can be bought for slightly more than the cost of a couple of orchid plants. Look for one with a large reservoir that does not need frequent refilling. Specific orchid-growing setups such as orchidariums, terrariums, Wardian cases and many under-lights setups in basements all will provide ample humidity.

If you were to visit the habitat of an epiphytic orchid such as Cattleya mossiae, you would discover a setting totally contrary to the Victorian perception mentioned in the first paragraph. You would be in the Venezuelan mountains at an elevation of about 3,000–4,500 feet (915–1,370 m) and the cattleyas would be growing in the canopy of the trees above you. Air constantly flows up the mountains and the tops of the trees sway in the breeze. Many of our favorite orchids come from this kind of airy environment.

Optimum conditions for cultivating orchids are often described with the words “buoyant atmosphere.” What that describes is air that feels light and is constantly moving. Primarily, a buoyant atmosphere provides a constantly fresh supply of carbon dioxide to the trees and the orchids in them. Green plants convert carbon dioxide and water into food compounds (such as glucose) and oxygen through the process called photosynthesis. Air that is constantly moving provides other benefits, such as eliminating pockets of extreme temperatures and moderating the temperature of both air and leaves. An adequately ventilated orchid growing space discourages fungal infections by hastening the evaporation of standing water. The surest way to discourage the flower-damaging fungus Botrytis cinerea is to increase air movement.

Providing orchids with air movement is one of the easiest things to achieve. If you are growing a few orchids on a windowsill, merely open the window a few inches any time the outside temperature is above 50 F (10 C). If you have a grow cart of orchids, one or two 6- or 8- inch (15- or 20-cm) muffin fans will do the trick. Turn them on low and aim them above or to the side of the orchids to draw air over the plants. Ceiling fans provide excellent air circulation for patios and sunrooms, while most commercial greenhouses offer fan options. If yours does not, buy one or two 24-inch (60 cm) box fans, depending on the size of your structure.

As you have probably gathered, if the setting feels comfortable to you, your orchids will like it too.

News from the American Orchid Society

It’s time again that the Trustees of the American Orchid Society and its Standing Committees will meet at the AOS Spring 2019 Members Meeting. The meeting is being held March 20th- 24th, 2019 in conjunction with the San Diego County Orchid Society Spring Show in beautiful San Diego, California. You can expect great weather, miles of sandy beaches, and major attractions, so you won’t regret adding a few days onto your trip to enjoy this laid back oceanside destination. Meeting activities will be held at the Hilton Mission Valley and the show will be at the Scottish Rites Center. You’re going to find Distinguished Orchid Speakers along with a Premier Orchid Show & Vendor Sales that are not to be missed. Everyone’s welcome to join us on Thursday, the 21st, at the Affiliated Societies Committee Meeting where you can share activities and voice the concerns of your local Society and don’t forget the Live Auction and Gala Banquet on Saturday night. We definitely hope to see you.  Register now! http://www.aos.org/news-and-events/members-meetings.aspx

From an affiliate perspective, what should I expect to gain for my society at an AOS meeting?

As an AOS Affiliated Societies (AS) Representative you will be introduced to all the AOS Members Meeting event has to offer. You will be invited to participate in the committee meeting to share your ideas and thoughts about what the AOS has to offer that most benefits your society, as well as suggest where we might consider doing more.

We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many of us on the committee often serve as affiliate reps for our own local societies. Our goal is to exchange ideas and share knowledge and experiences to make our orchid shows, fundraisers and educational programs the best they can be for our societies and their members.

It’s an opportunity to brainstorm ways of attracting new members and we take that role seriously. We want to see all of our affiliates succeed and help grow the interest in orchids for many generations to come.

Please reach out to Deb Bodei, Chair at Dbodei@aos.org or affiliated_societies@aos.org if you are planning on attending the meeting in San Diego or if you are just thinking about it and want to know more. We look forward to meeting our friends and fellow affiliates.

Make sure to check out AOS President Susan Wedegaertner’s message in March’s issue of ORCHIDS magazine where she tells us about the Governance Committee, chaired by Jean Hollebone, and their responsibilities to assure we comply with not-for-profit laws. Aided by Judy Baily, Cheryl Erins, Harry Gallis MD, James Heilig PhD, Theresa Kennedy and Taylor Slaughter, this committee is very busy and welcomes your ideas and suggestions to enhance and improve offerings to our membership. You can reach them at (governance_committee@aos.org). You’ll also get to learn a little about two individuals many of us look for and follow each month in ORCHIDS, Terry & Sue Bottoms and about a recent recognition they were awarded.

It’s easy to find the scheduled webinars and to register on the AOS website. You’ll find the link under the All About Orchids tab. If you check there, you will find any webinars that have been scheduled after the production of the monthly Corner.

Chosing the Best Plants with Lois Cinert
Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 @ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST        Open to all

Shop like a judge! How do you buy the best orchid for your collection? Please join Lois Cinert, Acredited AOS Judge, to find out. Lois will tell you what judges look for when determining a “best” plant for their own collection to help you grow your own collection.
Register now using this link: 

American Orchid Society: Greenhouse Chat with Dr. Ron McHatton
Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 @ 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST        Open to all

Please join Dr. Ron McHatton, AOS Chief Science Officer, as he answers your questions about all things orchid. He will discuss a variety of topics on orchid culture based on questions submitted by attendees. Please send your questions and pictures to Sandra Svoboda at greenhousechat@aos.org   by Sunday, March 24th. Remember to include pictures.  Register now using this link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1217234533193976065

Note: After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the seminar.

WHAT ARE WEBINARS? Webinars are an Internet conference where you can hear the speaker and view his presentation, ask questions, and hear interactions from other members of the audience. You can join either on your computer or by phone. You can join from anywhere, via your Mac, PC or even your mobile device. Audio is included, so attendees can phone in or use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You will need a microphone for your computer to use VoIP.

WANT TO LEARN, BUT CAN’T MAKE THE DATE? The live webinars will be recorded and posted on the AOS website, where you will find a link allowing you to view the webinars at your convenience.

Paphiopedilum Franz Glanz 'Monster' FCC/AOS;
Photographer: Ramon de los Santos

THE MARCH ISSUE OF ORCHIDS MAGAZINE will feature great articles and beautiful pictures on:
The New Refugium Botanicum - TBD
Form and Function: Those Vining Orchids by Thomas Mirenda
• For the Novice: Repotting - Wet or Dry? by Sue Bottom
• Orchids Illustrated - Rodriguezia by Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins
• Lindleyana - A New Species of Rodriguezia by Hugo Medina, José Portilla and Iván Portilla
• Building a Summer Pergola for Your Plants by Nile S. Dusdieker
Vanilla planifolia by Barbara Schmidt

Digital Access to Over 350+ past issues of Orchids magazine extending back to 1932!

Broughtonia sanguinea 'Elizabeth Hamilton' AM/AOS;
 Photographer: Claude Hamilton

16-page award gallery of breath taking pictures of recently awarded orchids.

See fabulous pictures of the most breathtakingly beautiful orchids receiving awards from the AOS! Visit the new “Latest Orchid Awards” page on the AOS website to enjoy these stunning photographs! Click on the thumbnails to see them in larger format. Free to members and non-members.

Let’s grow together,
Denise Lucero, Vice-Chair, AOS Membership and Affiliated Societies

Report from the February Meeting


The February meeting was unfortunately cancelled due to severe winter weather conditions.  Our speaker, Ron Midgett, has been rescheduled for the April 8th meeting.


For your convenience, you can print out a Plant Table Information Form ahead of time.  Click for your version of choice:  PDF   Word    Excel

Schedule of Upcoming Events


March 9-10, 2019 - Mount Baker Orchid Society Orchid Show and Sale, Skagit Valley Gardens, Mt. Vernon, WA (https://www.facebook.com/mountbakerorchidsociety/)

March 11, 2019 - NWOS meeting - Annual Orchid Auction and preview party. Orchid Basics will be an “Introduction to Mounting Orchids”, presented by Abigail Chang.


March 18, 2019 - Hands-On Potting Clinic, meet in the lower Douglas classroom.


March 30-31, 2019 - The Spokane Orchid Show and Sale, Spokane Community College Student Lair


April 6-7, 2019 - NWOS Show and Sale at Volunteer Park Conservatory, Saturday 10 am-4 pm with free admission, Sunday 10 am-3 pm with $4 admission.

April 8, 2109 - NWOS meeting - Speaker: Ron Midgett, " Oncidinae Intergeneric Hybrids - What Are They and How Do I Grow Them?". There will be plant pre-sales as well as meeting sales. (http://www.newearthorchids.com)

April 27-28, 2019 - The Oregon Orchid Society Show and Sale, Aquinas Hall, 340 NE Clackamas St., Portland

May 13, 2019 - NWOS meeting - Speaker:  Norman Fang, topic to come. There will be pre-sales only. (http://www.orchids.com)

June 10, 2019 - NWOS Annual Meeting, Gary Baker Service Award, Potluck Dinner and Scholarship presentation.

August ???, 2019 - NWOS Annual Picnic

September 9, 2019 - NWOS meeting - Speaker: Alan Koch, topic to come. There will be plant pre-sales as well as meeting sales. (http://www.goldcountryorchids.com)

Reminder for Officers & Board Members


The schedule of Board Meetings for this membership year is: 3/5/19, 5/7/19.  Meet at 7 p.m. at Mike & Sheila Cory's house unless notified that it's been moved elsewhere.

Shopping on Amazon?  Use this link to Earn $$ for NWOS


If you go to http://smile.amazon.com and sign in to your account, you'll be given information about supporting various non-profits.  You can type in "Northwest Orchid Society" and it will then send .5% of your purchase price to the organization.


It's really easy, but you have to remember to go in through the 'smile' subdomain when you place the order, otherwise it will go through as a regular order.

NWOS Website Links

Special Announcements - ORCHID BUSINESS FOR SALE

Olympic Orchids is a successful, well-established small orchid nursery business that has great potential for growth. Founded in 2006, it has evolved as an online retail supplier of species and seedlings, shipping all over the US. About 50% of the inventory and sales is species, with the remainder cattleya and oncidium alliance hybrids. The business has reached a point where there is a pressing need to increase growing space, so the ideal buyer would already have at least 500-1000 square feet of greenhouse space with the capacity to add more. Because of competing demands on my time, limited space for expansion, and the desire to retire, I would like to find someone with more time and space than I have, who is motivated to take the business to the next level.

Current stock includes a variety of blooming size parent plants, a continuously changing variety of mounted and potted sale plants, compots, flasks, and supplies. There is also an attractively designed, fully functional e-commerce website, a customer database, and an extensive library of original orchid flower photos. I would be available for consulting during the first 6 months of operation.

I would like to sell to someone local if possible, so am announcing this opportunity here before advertising nationally.

For more information, please contact Ellen Covey by e-mail at olympicorchids@gmail.com or phone 206-229-7919.


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