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  • Volunteer Signups - send an email to the Show Committee with your preferred date/shift/job
    Dateshift timejob
    Nov 3rd (Friday) 2:00-6:00pmSetup
    Nov 4th Saturday 9:00am
    9:00am - 1:00pm
    1:00pm - 5:00pm
    Ribbon Judging
    cashier/greeter/potting clinic/floater
    cashier/greeter/potting clinic/floater
    Nov 5th Sunday10:00am - 2:00pm
    2:00pm - 6:00pm
    cashier/greeter/potting clinic/floater
    cashier/greeter/potting clinic/floater/breakdown


    Plant Registration closes at 5:00pm on Friday, November 3rd

    Advance Registration with Excel Spreadsheet

  • Download the Data Entry file(MS Excel)
  • Fill in the "Electronic Entry" sheet. See the "Example" sheet for specifics
  • Enter one plant per line
  • Use the "Show Schedule" tab to determine the class. Note that you will use only classes 1-7
  • Do not put anything in the Exhibitor number column. Exhibitor numbers will be assigned later. If you are entering for more than one person, you can put each exhibitor's name here
  • Enter a tag number. Each plant will have a unique number for each exhibitor. The easiest method is to number your plants from 1 - whatever.
  • Do not put anything in the Location column. Locations will be assigned later.
  • Enter the plant name as it appears on tags, etc. If it is a hybrid, leave this blank, and use the parent1 and parent 2 columns. Include any known information, such as clonal name and awards.
  • For classes 8-13, since a single plant may be in multiple classes, use the checkboxes to the far right of the Entry sheet, starting with column H
  • When all the information is filled in, save the excel file and email it to the Show Registrar by Thursday, November 2nd.
  • Please bring the excel file on a USB thumb drive to the show setup, just in case the email is not received in time

    Advance Registration without Excel (use MS Word or other word processor)

  • Copy the Electronic Entry sheet and past it into the word processor. Alternatively, create a table by hand, with one column for each of the columns in the spreadsheet or manual plant entry form (see next section).
  • Fill in the table as for using Excel, including emailing and bringing the file to the show setup.

    Manual Entry

  • Download the manual plant entry form
  • Print the number of sheets you actually need to enter all your plants
  • Enter the class from the Show Schedule (see last page).
  • The tag number (plant #) is already filled in.
  • Fill in the form with all of your plants and bring the sheet to setup. You will be assigned an exhibitor number and location at that time.
  • Write legibly, as the data will be manually transcribed into the computer system. The manual plant entry sheet will be available during setup, if you have not completed onee of the above methods.