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NWOS Contacts

P.O. Box 51021
Seattle, WA 98115-1021

2021 Officers:
President, Joe Grienauer
1st Vice President, Robert Culver
2nd Vice President, Alba Dennis
Secretary, Michael Cory
Treasurer, Chris Peterson
Past President, Abigail Chang

Directors (2020-2021):

Susan Burgess
Pat Gossler
Peter Maunsell
Lillian Otani
Barb Roberts

Directors (2021-2022):
Tom Bell-Games
Diane Drisch
Ben Johnson
Thuan Nguyen
Michael Pearson

Volunteer Opportunities:

Running a volunteer organization requires, well, a lot of volunteers, because there are always lots of things that need some TLC to keep the society operating smoothly, and to the benefit of all its members. There are already a number of members who have stepped up to take on some of the vital tasks:

Key Volunteers:

Joe Grienauer, Librarian
Mary Nichol, Meeting Hospitality
Diane Drisch, Newsletter Editor
Christine Peterson, NWOS Logo Sales
Pat Gossler, Cashier
Kathy Murray, Scholarship Fund
* Mike Pearson, Webmaster
* Ellen Macomber, Raffle Coordinator
(* indicates position opening)

While Mike has been acting webster, there is now a committee that has taken on the task of revamping the website, and bringing it into the 21st century. They are being led by Robert Culver, and will be covering the website, as well as the society's online presence (Facebook, Instagram, or whatever's new this week). If you are interested in working on molding the society's public face, please contact Robert directly, or anyone on the board (

After many long years as the Raffle Coordinator, Ellen has stepped down. Although we have not had any actual raffles since last year February, we need someone to receive the occasional donations of plants from members or orchid growers in the community who may have excess plants or are reducing their collections or disposing of one. This person would either babysit plants, or coordinate with other members of the society to take care of them until we are meeting again.

Show Committee: While we are not currently meeting in person, and don't really know when events such as our annual orchid show will be possible, we are being optimistic, and planning for the future. Join Susan Burgess in this endeavor, to have a show ready to go when society opens up again. Contact Susan directly, or send an email to the board (

Orchid Basics: There are two ways to participate in our Orchid Basics Series program: volunteer to give a short (10 minute) talk at a meeting covering one of the topics selected by our First Vice-President, or submit your suggestions on topics you'd like to see or hear. Fill in one of the downloadable "Orchid Basics Suggestion Sheets," fill it in, save it and email it to our First Vice President, Robert Culver. It's available as a WORD file or a simple TEXT file for your convenience.


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